2022 Prime Day Deals

Posted on July 12, 2022 by CB Team
Computer Board

We've just created a deal page where we will list all the tech deal in the future. We're starting now with the 2022 Prime Day Deals.

Head to our Deals page to find our selection of the best tech deals. Join our community to give us feedback on the deal we've selected.

Welcome to Comp.Build

Posted on July 7, 2022 by CB Team
Computer Board

We created this website because we felt it was hard to find a reference website with just a few builds that are tailored to specific needs. Too many builds can easily confuse builders so we've decided to a limited amount of builds. This has the advantage of taking the time to choose the right components. We're editorially independant, have no bias one platform or another as our team is using all platforms daily.

We will also keep our builds up to date and will always follow the curve. We're not closed to feedback and you're welcome to join our Discord to give your feedback! We are just listing builds with parts. We do not provide a service to build computers. It's up to you to buy parts and build the computer.

With that said, we hope this website will be helpful for you to either get your first build or to update an old build with fresh components!

Welcome to Comp.Build!