High-Performance Gaming Setup
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Ultimate Performance. Best CPU. Best GPU. It comes at a cost and it's not cheap. With that said, you can run all of your games at max quality and high resolutions guaranteed. Yes, even 4K.


The Z790 platform should be good enough to get the most out of your system.


A very powerful gaming CPU and more. It's hot but it's worth it to get the most FPS in your games.


You want the most graphics performance? This is a no-brainer: the 4090 will give you the best. DLSS remains the best upscaling technology to our eyes and is required to get the most performance at high resolution.


A lot of RAM. Very fast. Reliable brand. Perfect for gaming and beyond. Extra RAM will help with more multi-tasking or video production.


Samsung is THE brand for a reliable SSD. Enough storage to hold most of your game library and super fast.


We've been using this model in many builds and it doesn't disappoint. The Core i9 is a hot CPU and this cooler does the job well.


This is a great gaming case right now. Used in countless builds. Easy to build in. Many possible configurations. Can't go wrong with it.


80+ Platinum. Reliable brand. Fully modular. And enough power for the future as GPU gets more and more power hungry.