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As cheap as possible while having a good gaming experience. This build will give you the most bang for your buck if you're on a very limited budget. We've taken into account that this might be a starter build. As a result, some parts will be better in case you want to upgrade later down the line. There's room for more performance gains by adding a GPU or updating/increasing the RAM. Additional storage space would be a good choice as well. We've decided to have a limited build to be budget conscious.


We've chosen a B550 motherboard so it'll accept this generation of CPU without any update that would require an old CPU (BIOS update).


This is a great CPU/GPU (APU) combo. The performance you get for the price is crazy good. And if you want more graphics performance, just add a GPU!


We're focused on price so that's not a lot... but it should be fast enough and have enough memory to play games. Adding another stick would make the APU shine better.


Once again, we're focused on getting cheap. Nonetheless, this should be enough space for you to install an OS and some games. Adding more storage in the future can be beneficial to add more games without having to uninstall.


Just a basic case. Nothing fancy but not too cheap it would hurt you! For the price, it's actually pretty easy to build in.


A good starting 80+ PSU from a quality brand. Enough wattage to support some future upgrades to a certain point.